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John M. Poindexter

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Amateur Radio Page

Hello and welcome to my site.




I have been an Amateur Radio operator since 1979 and still enjoy working new people and countries. My original call was KA4HWX.

I am the president of the Northwest Indiana DX Club. Our website is at

I am also the Secretary/Treasurer for the Starke County Amateur Radio Club and the Trustee of the KN9OX Repeater Association.

My main goal is to get DXCC Honor Roll before I become an SK. Maybe I will make it yet, if more rare DXpeditions are conducted.

Amateur Radio Operating Activities: DXCC; active DX chaser; HF contester; active in public service communications; and an early packet radio user; enjoy BPSK 31 and RTTY.

I am working on my 8-Band DXCC and still need to confirm Hawaii and Alaska to fill out 6 and 160 meter band.

Now at 325 confirmed and need DXpeditions to get the 6 remaining needed.

10-10 number   #26862 and usually on 10 meters when it is open.

Since putting up a tri-bander and purchasing the Yaesu FT 2000D I have worked more DX than before those two were bought. I enjoy the radio very much, as it has the ability to filter out more noise than the other radios I own. The 200 watts help out too. One thing for sure is you must read the manual to know how to set everything up.

I purchased a Kenwood TS-2000 at Dayton in 2011, that is hardly used, mostly on 2. It is like new. Not many hours on it.

The newest addition is IC-7610. It is a quiet receiver. In February of 2024, I purchsed a Flex Tuner and Amplifier. Great additions to my station.

County Hunters/DX

I live in Starke County in Indiana. It is a small county with very few hams active on HF. If you need Starke County, County hunters can contact me via email and we will set up a schedule.

You can email me at if you want a schedule with me or have a question. I am always available for help when it comes to Ham Radio.

Outside of ham radio, I am a writer.

My stories are based upon my experience as a Special Agent. I was a Counterespionage Case Officer with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

I now write mystery and detective short stories and am currently working on a thriller series based on a law enforcement organization that works strictly under the control of the President of the United States.

You can see more on my writing site:


John, W3ML