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Even though the items listed here are in good working order, they are still being sold "as is" since some wear and tear may exist.

are in working order.

1. LDG AT-200Pro $175.00 with shipping included on this one. This is brand new. Bought at Dayton 2011, then found out the new radio had a tuner built in, so I do not need this.

2. Yaesu FC-901 Antenna Tuner. Price is $100.00 shipping included.

3 . Dentron Super Tuner 160-10AT 1KW Tuner. Heavy duty tuner will couple a 160-10m transmitter to almost any type of antenna system. Includes a highly efficient balun for antennas fed with open wire line. Will work with coax as well as open feed line. Price is $125.00 shipping included.

4 . MFJ 16010ST Super Antenna Tuner. Balanced Line or Coax In/Out. Price $50.00 shipping included.

5. TET -- HB35C is a full size tri-bander. This antenna is neither a trap antenna of standard coil design, nor
is it of a linear trap design. This is a phase tuned 5 element TRI-BANDER. Sells new for $1026.90
It is boxed up and ready to be put together. No room to put it up in a small yard.

$350.00 plus shipping.

UPS shipping ground is between 150 to 275.00 depending on how they figure it (estimated from their web site). There are two boxes, measuring 7 feet long 10 inches wide and 6 inches high. Weight is between 60 and 80 pounds as I have not had it weighed accurately.

Prefer local or close to where we can meet for delivery.

You can find more information on this antenna at

SEE Picture of HB35C below.

John, W3ML,


NEW ITEMS BEING SOLD BY KN9OX Repeater Association

ADV Rec Research P144VDG pre-amp 80.00

Angle Linear PHEMT Low Noise Preamplifier 100.00

Hustler G7-144 VHF Base Antenna $50.00. No mounting bracket or hardware.  Screwed together and sealed with sprayed on silicon. Pick up only.

Arcom RC-210 Controller Assembled needs repaired. Chip blown, needs new chip. Cost New assembled 325.00 will sell for 225.00

Motorola VHF Bandpass filter can 75.00