Links to interesting Sites. My writing site. I have some excerpts here to read from my novels. R & L Electronics. A good place to get what Ham Gear you want at a good price. Starke County Amateur Radio Club located in Indiana. The Dx Notebook. Amateur Electronic Supply. The Northern Ohio DX Association. The Northern Ohio DX Association Newsletter QSL Routes. Qsl Manager lookup Mystery Antenna construction - step by step

Batteries America - A supply for Ham radio batteries.

Antenna Articles - Collection of short articles relating to all manners of antennas. is a community web site for amateur (ham) radio operators around the world. 10-10 International for those that like 10 meters Qsl Cards anyone can afford. Go here for those working HF and want to get some great awards for contacts made. Amateur Radio Vendor Lisiting 700 Amateur Radio Topics, 6,000 Links, 132 Pages